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I found the room shortly after getting AOL 6 years ago in February 1999. I live in Fort Worth TX. My name Is Neil and I am divorced with 3 children,14, 16, and 21. I do billing and payroll for a fuel distributor. My favorite music is from the 60s and 70s, I seem to


I have been in the Oldies room now about 5 years or so. My husband and I had a DJ business for 18 years and when I saw the heading Music Oldies, I thought this is for me. Boy did I get more than I bargained for, I was scared to death to enter a

Beatle Princess

I have been a roomie since the fall of 1999 my senior year in high school. I first got AOL to help me with homework; I had no clue about chatrooms or IM’s LOL. One day I peaked at the chatoom listings and saw a room for music oldies. I thought I love oldies so


I found the Oldies Chatroom in 1997. A couple of us were singing songs in a garden chatroom and some people objected. So I started doing research and found the best room On the web. I like Motown, Bluegrass, Gospel, You name It. I collect versions of Ave Maria. This song Is very special to


I think I have been around this chatroom since April of 99. I came into the room about 6 months after RED. I would be sitting in the living room watching TV and hear the belly-laughs coming from the other room. Then I would sit besides her and after awhile I would be laughing so