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Feb. 1998 is when it all started for me in the old trivia room. Then in Dec. of 1998 I changed my screen name to RED and the rest is history. I now live on the gulf coast of Florida being a former resident of NE Pennsylvania. My name is Linette and I am married


I have been in the oldies music chatroom almost 4 years now. My strong love of music since the age of 13 brought me in. I love it all from the 50s to now. I have met some great friends here. My name is Larry, as you all know married to Louise. I have 2


I have been in this room about 5 years now. I went into the room and saw people typing song titles and people guessing artists. I figured I can do this and discovered I was getting most answers right. It was fun. I couldn’t figure out why some were putting song titles in parenthesis and


I bought my computer at the end of 1999. Curiosity made me check out the Chat room listings and the rest is history. I live on the shore of Connecticut and for anyone who doesn’t know. My name is MIKE. LOL. I am most fond of Vocal music of the 60s like The Beatles, the


My name is Kathy AKA ROCKLADY580. I am married and have 3 kids, 2 daughters and a son. I live in Staten Island, New York and live very near to both my Mom and Sister whom I love dearly. I also have 2 brothers and we all grew up in a very chaotic household with