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I’m Brad, 55 years old, retired from teaching since 2002, single and with a large collection of music from the golden days of Rock and Roll. I live in Austin, Texas and I have been coming in the Oldies room for about 6 years now. I followed a couple of people from my “Buddy List”


On Thursday evening usually 9pm est. TJBEATLESFAN1 comes on the air with a 2 hour Cyberstation radio program that many of us link up to as Tim plays songs from artists who have been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On any given Thursday a group of usually 15 to 25 of


Memories, what memories I have. It seems so long ago I think it was 1999 or so that we bought a new computer for my daughter. For some reason I started playing around with the Chatroom button and saw a chatroom devoted to Oldies Music. Within days I was hooked. I had always considered myself


I have been coming into the Oldies Room for 7 years now, since 1998. I live in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. I grew up in the Chicago area and went to college in Alabama and then moved to Arizona. I think I must have heard music when I was in the womb, because as

Mudcat Mollie

I’m Rachel at 56………… Whodathunk ?? Certainly not I. I live in Kentucky and no I am not a hillbilly, however sometimes I wish I were. I found this wonderful room by searchin for a cool room where my love of music could be shared. I’m divorced and have been since the mid 80’s, Now