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I was a stay at home mom and wanted to find a place that I could go to and have some fun when my child was napping. I just wanted to find a room that I had something in common with I’ve always liked varieties of music and its always been a big part of


I was one of the original crew. My name is Dee and I loved music and ventured into the room, saw that they were a great group of people and decided to stay. I now live outside Bloomsburg, PA. Back in the mountains. It is very peaceful here and the people are wonderful. I am


I have been in this room since around February 2000,”The New Millenium” LOL. My sister used to come in the room and she said you must come in this room, the people really know there music. I was scared to death to go into an Internet Chatoom, You know all the perverts LOL, but how


I think I have been going in the room about 5 years now. The people were friendly and I have been coming in ever since. I live in the suburbs of Memphis, TN. It’s a great party town and I have hosted a few roomies like ROCN60S and HUGYBEAR to our Beale St. Music festival


I have been in the Oldies room for 7 years now and I found it by just browsing the chat categories. I live in Suffolk County New York (Long Island). My name is Lucille and I am 51 years old (OUCH) LOL. I am married and live with my husband and children. I work in