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Phillips, Phillip – Home

You Will Never Be Alone… Today’s song selection goes out for Mary Ruth who will be taking some time off to address some serious health issues. We stand together in supporting her with wishes for a speedy recovery. Today’s artist is an American singer-songwriter who won the eleventh season of American Idol on May 23,

Warnes, Jennifer – It Goes Like It Goes

The Mystery Artist(born March 3, 1947) is an American singer, songwriter, arranger and record producer. Famous for her compositions, interpretations and her extensive repertoire as a vocalist on movie soundtracks, she is also a close friend and collaborator of Canadian singer-songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen. And maybe what’s good gets a little bit better, and

BeeGees, The – You Should Be Dancing

The Mystery Artists are a trio of brothers who had a pre-disco, disco and post-disco career. Since I am known to have absolutely no taste, I like all their stuff and have tons of it on file. Let’s touch into their disco era. Your Mystery Lyric was: My woman gives me power goes right down

David, Craig & Sting – Rise And Fall

I’ll be returning to my fall theme for a few weeks. First up is a song that was a collaboration between two musicians. Sometimes in life you feel the fight is over and it seems as though the writing’s on the wall Musician # 1 was (born 5 May 1981) is an English singer-songwriter who

Moss, Nick

Nick Moss (born 1969, Chicago, Illinois, United States is an American Chicago and electric blues musician. He has released nine albums to date, all on his own Blue Bella Records label. He has played alongside or with Buddy Scott, Jimmy Dawkins, Jimmy Rogers and The Legendary Blues Band; as well as more latterly fronting his