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Richard Attenborough dies

British film legend Lord Richard Attenborough – famed as both an actor and director – has passed away at the age of 90. As an actor he was most famed for his roles in The Great Escape and Brighton Rock, as well as making an appearance in Jurassic Park. Probably his most notable film as

Cliff Richard under Pressure

Gary Glitter, Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris (amongt others) have all been in the limelight lately for their taste for young boys and girls. And now Sir Cliff Richard is under scrutiny, as allegations surface that he may have sexually assaulted a young boy in 1985. The BBC is currently under heavy crisicism for covering

Remembering Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall has passed away at the age of 89, apparently after suffering a stroke. Lauren was most famous for her roles in four movies with Humphrey Bogart, who she later married. In 2009 she received an Oscar for lifetime achievement. Below the social media reaction as featured on MercuryNews and published on Storify. photo

Rolf Harris sentenced

Australian singer/entertainer Rolf Harris has been jailed for years 5 and 9 months after being found guilty of multiple cases of sexual abuse against young girls, one of them being only 7 years old at the time. The judge, Mr Justice Sweeney said that Harris had shown no remorse The sentence has been referred to