I’ve been coming in the Oldies room now for 6 years. Smoker was the 1st to speak to me. The room was in the middle of trivia. I made a comment “I guess I’ll leave and come back when I educate myself”. Smoker said


I’ve been in the Oldies chat since 2002. At that time It was known as Music Oldies not Oldies Music. My name is Jan and I live in Nebraska am married and have 5 grandchildren. I enjoy music from the 50s and 60s with

Harvinatorthe (Videolad)

Recently after a 3 year lag I re-signed up with AOL. I have been back to the Oldies room a few times since. I live in a suburb In North Carolina. My name is Harvey and I am married, retired, one daughter and older


Another very important part of the foundation of the AOL Oldies Room is the Forgotten Hits that Kent sends out almost on a daily basis to many of the roomies who are part of the Chatroom. Kent himself was an early member of the


I’m from Cleveland and I started going in the Oldies room in 2000. I am 43 years old and work for the County doing payroll. I’m single (with a new beau), never married, no kids, just a dog-named Elmo. I love all types of