Zaz – Je Veux

Welcome to Mystery Lyrics. Unfortunately I still have problems with the comment function on the new page, so we’re playing the old fashioned way again … I’m sure there will be no complaints. I must admit that I’m not overly fond of French music.

8th Nov 2011

Todays choice is by a legendary German Krautrock Band from Hannover who sold millions in the seventies, albeit mainly in their own country… Their debut album ‘Together’ is considered by fans to be one of the most iconic German Progressive Rock albums of all

12th Oct 2011

What goes around, comes around. And this month October has come around. I have just got back home after going to England for a few days to meet up with my cousins, some of which I haven’t seen for nearly 40 years! Usually after

Nannini, Gianna – California

Todays Mystery Artist (born 14 June 1956) is an Italian female singer-songwriter and pop musician. She may be best known for her 1986 song “Bello e Impossibile“. Her first hit was in 1979 with the single “America“, which became a success in several European