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I entered this wonderful room in March of 1999. I found it after getting totally frustrated with the 40’s romance room.

My name is Jeanette and I am 52 years old and I live in western Maryland. I am remarried to my ex and I have 4 children and 3 grandchildren,

I love the blues, doowop and Motown. I also like the entire decade of 70’s music. I missed the decade of the 80’s changing diapers or something. LOL.

I have been to 3 HUGYFESTS, 2001, 2002, and 2004 and I went to a couple of parties at MADPOETS and also met some roomies at a party in Baltimore. I also met up with STEELWORKER and HUGY for dinner in Baltimore.

As far as my history in the room lets just say that I have a reserved seat saved for me each day.

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