I have been in here I guess about 7 years or so, I live in New York state and am 60 years old. I have 5 grown children, 5 grandkids and I work with the developmentally disabled and I have just found the love of my life. My favorite music is the oldies of the 50s and 60s. I have been to 5 HUGYFESTS and went to other parties in Philadelphia, New England, met some roomies in Florida, Long Island Etc. I have met so many I have lost count. I mostly come in the room in the morning and some early evenings.

One of my favorite things was when we would put other words in song titles, such as prunes, or thongs or whatever LOL. I also like the trivia.

I have met so many wonderful people and friends in here. JACKIE, HUGY and BARB ,RED and TORCH, you MARK, the list can go on and on. Of course my good friends LUEYES and ARONILG and also some friends who don’t come in the room anymore like GWITH AND MEADOWRAT.

One more thing. I wish we could all get along better if that’s ever possible again.

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