Memories, what memories I have. It seems so long ago I think it was 1999 or so that we bought a new computer for my daughter. For some reason I started playing around with the Chatroom button and saw a chatroom devoted to Oldies Music. Within days I was hooked. I had always considered myself…Read More


I have been coming into the Oldies Room for 7 years now, since 1998. I live in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. I grew up in the Chicago area and went to college in Alabama and then moved to Arizona. I think I must have heard music when I was in the womb, because as…Read More

Mudcat Mollie

I’m Rachel at 56………… Whodathunk ?? Certainly not I. I live in Kentucky and no I am not a hillbilly, however sometimes I wish I were. I found this wonderful room by searchin for a cool room where my love of music could be shared. I’m divorced and have been since the mid 80’s, Now…Read More


I have been around the chatroom now for about 2 years. My name is Eric and I live in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I am an assistant produce manager and hopefully I will be up for a promotion in early 2006. I am single but I do live with 2 KISS Lava Lamps. My favorite groups/acts…Read More


I am from the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area and my favorite type of music is Classic and Hard rock. As for favorite memories all I can say is meeting great people both in the chatroom and at the gatherings I have attended. I have been to HUGYFEST2004 and 2005. I have also been to TEXFEST 2005…Read More


I am Joanne and I am 40 years old, single with no children. I am a medical assistant and disc jockey who is currently enjoying the living heck out of not working. I have been in the room since April 1998 and I just happened upon this room. I live near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As for…Read More


My name is Bob and I started coming In the room during the fall of 1998, I am from Forks Township, Pennsylvania, 60 miles north of Philadelphia and near the Delaware River. I have been married 35 years and have 1 daughter. One of my grandchildren passed away this summer from complications he had since…Read More


My name is Shirley and I am still married to my first and only hubby and we have 2 children and 5 grandsons. We live in Dayton, Ohio and I have been a part of the Oldies Chatroom for 7 years now. I found the Oldies Chatroom and saw a name in there VALENSGIRL and…Read More