Boys Don’t Cry

The problem that crops up after you have have released a debut album that is so wonderfully successful that critics dub you the coming Superstar has been well documented: Its the problem that Procol Harum had after releasing “A Whiter shade of Pale” and the problem that Rumer has today: The follow up. Her management…Read More

Caro Josée – Mona Lisa Liut

Mona Lisa Liut is a song from Caro Josée’s current album Turning Point, which was released in July 2012 The song was written by Caro (lyrics) and Manusch Weiss (Music) and was the first song written during their collaboration leading up to the release of the album. It was the input and influence of Manusch…Read More

The Chameleons: Electric Light Orchestra

I have always maintained that a band that is successful over a large period of time has to adapt to be able to achieve continuing success. In some cases I feel (although this a personal sentiment obviously) that quite a few of them have sold their souls in the process. The new series “The Chameleons”…Read More

Head to Head: The Rockers.

Starting a new feature today, a spin off from the Mystery Hall of Fame – Head To Head, where artists and bands of similar pedigree are featured head-to-head, and you decide which you like best!

The Colorful World of Luthea Salom

The second decade of the 21st century seems to be a good time for singer/songwriters and there’s none better than Luthea Salom. After a very exciting year 2011, in which she won the “CrankYour Cred” award for the month of June, could she be set for a major breakthrough in 2012? In February her third…Read More

Blue Mink : Melting Pot

At last I get around to presenting a song, that I have wanted to do for a few months now. It was Sev that gave me the idea (he might just remember if his memory is any better than mine). Blue Mink was a British five-piece pop group, that existed from 1969 to 1974. Over…Read More

Doobie Brothers drummer dies

Michael Hossack (pictured on the left), best known as drummer of the Doobie Brothers, has passed away at the age of 65 after losing a battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his family. John was a member of the Doobies from 1971 to 1973, and featured on “Listen To The Music” and rejoined them…Read More