A Tribute to Whitney Houston

On the eve of the Grammy presentation the news stunned the music world: Soul Diva Whitney Houston was found dead in a hotel room in Beverly Hills. The singer, who had made a substantial contribution to Mystery Lyrics, was 48 years of age. At the moment of writing, the cause of her death isn’t known.

Whitney is best known for her hit “I Will Always Love You” from the film “The Bodyguard” which rocketed her to stardom. It was arguably her best moment, as medication and alcohol seemd to take hold of her life.

Judie Tzuke – If (When You Go)

Februarys Mystery Lyrics Presentation was If (When You Go) by Judie Tzuke, based on the poem If by Rudyard Kipling. Judie leapt to fame at the end of the seventies with her hit “Stay With Me Till Dawn” which hit the UK Top Twenty and was recently voted into the top 50 Singles of all time by listeners in the UK.

This months choice however was a lot newer. It was originally released on the “Moonball On A Mirror” album in 2010 and is also featured on the live LP “October Road”

A Journey Like No Other

What follows below is written through my eyes and my memory. I hope you all enjoy this and most of all feel the passion that many of us have shared over the last decade. Thank you Hugy for making this all possible ! I awoke on what I remember as a beautiful, warm Sunday morning…Read More

Welcome to Music Oldies

Remember the AOL Music Oldies Chatroom? Remember how much fun it was there at the turn of the century? Anyone who ever went to Hugyfest, ROC’s BBQ, or any of the other parties that took place over the years, will know what a tight community and a fantastic family AOL Music Oldies was, and still…Read More