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The Making Of There’s Music In The Air

In 2002 I read a book about the history of Saturday Night Live in which the author had interviewed many of the original cast and guests and printed their responses as the basis for his book. A few years later I saw an article in a magazine about the movie industry in the 1970s and

The Epilogue

One of the treats in doing a project like this is hearing from so many of the original group that created the original feel of the chatroom back in the early days. My research brought me in touch with some old friends, whom most of us had not seen in the last few years. Some

Pre-Preface to the Preface

Early on ERIC (EMGRUBE1970) and I had a conversation about the project and ERIC thought it would be a good idea for a so-called NEWBIE to put in a preface. I thought it was a terrific idea and here it is. GOHAWKSGO Hello… AOL? In September 2003, I made the call. (RVB thinks he is

The Preface – By Emgrube

Is this my story? Yes it is, but it is only the smallest bit of what is inside these pages. In these pages there is a history that cannot truly be explained by any one person. Or even a hundred. Inside these pages is a true story of friendship, love, commitment, respect, humor, and camaraderie

The Preface – By Gohawksgo

Between the months of November 2005 and March 2006 I emailed over 250 past and present roomies a questionnaire asking them to relate their favorite chat room memories over the years as the basis for this project. I honestly had no idea how many of us would participate but I feel that the fact that