The Preface – By Emgrube

Is this my story? Yes it is, but it is only the smallest bit of what is inside these pages. In these pages there is a history that cannot truly be explained by any one person. Or even a hundred. Inside these pages is a true story of friendship, love, commitment, respect, humor, and camaraderie that cannot be explained to those who have never seen it, felt it, or lived it. This is the most tangible evidence we can create of the love that is inspired by those who love and appreciate the gift of the oldies room.

My personal goal for this book is for an outsider to curiously look at it one day and want to contribute to the Oldies Room World of the Future!!! I truly hope this book can describe to an outsider what this is all about. Maybe that outsider can join our “crew”, and the room can make them smile once and make their day or (even better) lives brighter.

This chronicle of 100 or so stories of how this little chat room has become a social hub for many people across this nation (and Europe, too!) has been a labor of love of Mark (Gohawksgo) for just a few months but has grown bigger than anything he could have imagined. A big round of applause goes to him.

Another round of applause goes to the fest throwers, such as IrishJigger, Pennylane and Tallpaul, and TjBeatlesFan.

A standing ovation goes to Hugy’s for allowing the zaniness to come to Temple, Pennsylvania once a year. (The sheep farm is never the same after we leave!)

Finally, A standing ovation goes out to Roc’n Steve for starting the BBQ ten years ago, The Granddaddy of them all!!!!

My last statement is….Who wrote “The Book of Love??”

We Did.

WTG Meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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