The Epilogue

One of the treats in doing a project like this is hearing from so many of the original group that created the original feel of the chatroom back in the early days. My research brought me in touch with some old friends, whom most of us had not seen in the last few years. Some of them graciously declined to take part in this, but encouraged me to continue and gave me their support. Times change and lives changes and we see that in the responses by the roomies who have taken part in this project. I think it is important that going forward we do not lose focus of the fact that what brought us here in the first place is the music we grew up with. Whether we grew up in the 50’s, the 60’s or 70’s our love of Oldies is the common bond we all share. The love of music and this chatroom has enabled many of us to enjoy our lives just a little bit more and created a bond between us that hopefully will never end.

As we get older lets hope that our health holds and that we never ever lose sight of the fact that we have lost, over the years some wonderful people who have left way too early in life.

Lets all do our part to keep the laughter and the smiles going and always remember that for all of us “THERE’S MUSIC IN THE AIR”.


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