I found the room shortly after getting AOL 6 years ago in February 1999.

I live in Fort Worth TX. My name Is Neil and I am divorced with 3 children,14, 16, and 21. I do billing and payroll for a fuel distributor.

DADMCMLVI, Lylelady and Comatoez at Texfest 2005

My favorite music is from the 60s and 70s, I seem to favor the lesser played songs of famous artists. I attended TEXFEST in April of this year, my first roomie bash. It was a hoot and I will be back. The people were the best. As far as the room is concerned the sillier it gets in there the better I like It. I have made some really great friends from this silly room, a few of whom I have leaned on in tough times. It’s the good people of the room that make the room what It Is.

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