Harvinatorthe (Videolad)

Recently after a 3 year lag I re-signed up with AOL. I have been back to the Oldies room a few times since. I live in a suburb In North Carolina.

My name is Harvey and I am married, retired, one daughter and older than the Bible.

A few years ago when I was living In California I attended a party in Long Beach. I met a few roomies at that party.

Being away for so long I have noticed quite a few new names along with some of the old ones. As for memories I just remember laughing at so many things and trying to outguess some of the roomies and figure out who sang what and to type as fast as possible.

I do remember IMISSLSO, ZSHOTT, SUZIEQ1CCR, DUKE and CHEX. I used to look forward to ZSHOTT and his trivia. After leaving AOL I kept in touch with a few of the roomies like SUZIE, DUKE and IMISS.

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