I found AOL through a friend. When I first went into AOL I went right into chats and found the oldies room, where the best people in the world are found(the others get TOS’d and IGGIED). My favorite type of music has to be rock. classic rock and oldies too. I love the Platters and Jay and the Americans to name a few.

As for my favorite chatroom memories, when I first came into the room it was spam and cheese chats, now sometimes it’s fence and someone cybering LOL. darn Bono’s other half and DEB’s spider bite.

I haven’t been to a party because of my work schedule but now that I am going to sue my companies butt off. LOL.

I consider myself friends to all till they give me a reason not to!

How would I make the room better? Let me see here ? Thinking hard OK OK! I would get rid of the whiners that can’t handle the word azz…and get rid of the ones who irritate the good ones in the room from having a good time. They need to get a play station and play with the Toggle………

Thanks very much,
ILMA821 aka cathy

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