Margybear, RidingDouble, Angie, Tnamarie, Jansadiction and Dangle at Roc’s BBQ 2004

My favorite memory is going to HUGYFEST for the first time. I had not traveled very much on my own and was very reluctant to fly all the way across the country to go to someone’s home who I had never met. I finally had met HUGY at ROC’s in 2003 and decided to take the plunge. HUGY told me that somebody would be there to pick me up even though I was arriving at 1130PM.

I was on the last leg of this trip in what they called a puddle jumper and when the plane arrived I ran to the Ladies room, came out and there was HUGY himself sitting there waiting for me. It had been several weeks since I had told him of my itinerary and there he was. Any apprehension that I had melted away. I had a lovely time cicadas and all.

There are some wonderful friendships I have formed that I truly treasure. Thank you all for not giving up on me and getting a little conversation going. I may yet live up to the name” Talking Tina”…….. LOL.

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