Judie Tzuke – If (When You Go)

February’s Mystery Lyrics Presentation February 2012:

I’m going down a new path today and presenting a twofer with a difference… but, first on with the story

Sometimes you hear a song and it bowls you over.
This was the case with todays song, a wonderful ballad – not to be missed if you ask me 🙂

So, at the risk of not getting many answers at all today, here goes!

Todays artist was famous in the UK for her hit single “Stay With Me Till Dawn” in 1979 (which i presented a few years ago on Mystery Lyrics). She is considered a one-hit-wonder, which really doesn’t do her justice at all. Her subsequent albums were frequently in the UK charts during the eighties, and since her first LP at the back end of the 70s she has released no fewer than 20 subsequent longplayers, the last one was released in 2011. She is in fact still very popular in England, with an ardent following.

30 Years on
I bought her debut LP when it came out in 1979, and I have seen videos of her newer stuff on youtube… I always thought she was one artist I should listen to more. Finally I got round to ordering her newest live LP from 2011, and was swept off my feet by it …
Todays choice was on the “Moon On A Mirrorball album” from 2010, and is based on a very popular poem (This is where the twofer comes in) by a famous British poet who was born in 1865 in India. He won the nobel prize for literature in 1907

I’m looking for the song, the artist, the poet and the poem

Your lyrics for the song are:

“I couldn’t love you more than in this moment, so you know, take these words with you, when you go”

and the poem:

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs”

This artist has been featured once before.

The Song: Judie Tzuke – If
WTG: Phizz, Mavourneen, Hil, Jayne, Sharon, Cheryl, Sev, Scott, Sharon K., Lyle, Amy, Spnnrn

The Poem: Rudyard Kipling -If
Way To Go: Phizz, Mavourneen, Hil, Jayne, Sharon, Cheryl, Crys, Sev, Scott, Sharon K., Spnnrn

The poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling was one of Judie’s favorite poems when she was a girl. “It was a poem that my dad gave to my brother when we were little. And he had it framed and he put it on his bunk bed. And I was always really jealous, because I wanted him to give it to me, but as it ends in “And then you will be a man my son” it didn’t really work for me” she explains, before bursting into song …

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