ABombXX (Yur Font Sux Amigo)

I started going in the room about October 2000 just by accident.

I live in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. My name is Jesus and I am 37 years old and I live with my girlfriend and we have a new baby girl. I like all types of oldies, mainly rock and roll like the Beatles, The Doors and The Grateful Dead, just too many to list. I have never been to a chatroom party of met any roomies.

There used to be a time when I would spend every waking time of the day in the Chatroom but in the last few years It seems like I have rarely If ever been in the room. The mood of the room changed and it just wasn’t any fun anymore. I used to love the holiday season when we would change our screen names. Even though I tried hard to fool the roomies with my new names , It seemed like everybody always knew who I was. It must have been my sucky Font. LOL.

I was lucky enough to make several friends in the chatroom but my best friend from the oldies room was LWHITEDOVE. I still talk to her as often as I can.

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