I have been coming into the Oldies Room for 7 years now, since 1998. I live in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. I grew up in the Chicago area and went to college in Alabama and then moved to Arizona.

I think I must have heard music when I was in the womb, because as long as I can remember I have had a passion for music. When I was very young my parents would go to Woolworth’s and buy me records. I soon began spending all my allowance money on 45’s. Somehow I ended up with 20,000 45″s and countless LP’s.
I love music from the 50’s through the 80’s. My favorites are Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Rockabllly, Brian Hyland, anything British and just good songs.
The first records I remember buying were Come Go With Me and Little Darlin. Every time I would bring home a Little Richard 45 my parents would say “why can’t you buy Pat Boone records like the normal kids” LOL.

I really love talking and meeting anyone who shares my passion for music. I love the obscure and really enjoy collecting the follow-up songs that nobody has ever heard of. Why wasn’t The Girl with the Story in Her Eyes by the Safaris not a hit? I also think music labels are cool. I love going to concerts and have seen just about everyone I have ever wanted to see live in concert. When I go on vacation it usually includes going to concerts and visiting used record stores. Who has the best used record stores? LAS VEGAS.

I am really envious of everyone who has been able to attend the many parties/fests that roomies hold throughout the year. Due to work I have not been able to attend any. I have been lucky enough to meet some roomies. STEVIN2000 was the first roomie I have met. We share a passion for both music and baseball. We keep sending music to each other and we have been friends now for 7 years.
I have also met KACEY who lives near me and HUGY and his family visited while on vacation in Arizona. We went out to dinner and then they came back to my house to listen to 45’s and we became fast friends. KACEY shares my passion for Music and Ice Cream and it’s too bad I am married. (just kidding KACEY LOL). I still go in the oldies room several times a week usually in the evening and on my days off.

I really love the special occasion when we change screen names and try to figure out who we are by our font and how we talk and what subjects we discuss.
The moments I like best are when the roomies are in there who know what I am talking about. Friends like BRAD, PING, STEVE, 60SSHOP, ROC and HAWK challenge me and really make me work. There are also a lot of roomies I really like who perk me up like PUPPERPIE, JOSH, LAYLA, SUITE, BRIT, FLEETWOOD, JRNEY, EDNA and RED ,plus way too many other to mention. The only thing I do not tolerate is when a roomie is rude to another roomie and don’t ever pick on my BRAD or BRIT.

Things to make the room better? Never ask who sang Oh Pretty Woman. Never cut down a fellow roomie. Never mention county Music HEE HAW and above all never mention Helen Reddy LOL.

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