Berrett, Taylor – Pomegranate Sky

The Mystery Artist is a breakout, innovative singer/songwriter signed to the production team of Carl Sturken & Evan Rogers (responsible for signing and developing global superstar Rihanna.)

Sturken & Rogers sent his music to iconic songwriter Kara DioGuardi who quickly recruited him to her publishing company and presented him to Warner Bros Records chairman and super-producer Rob Cavallo. He immediately signed our artist to Warner Bros – home to one of his favorite artist, Paul Simon.

His music ranges across a music spectrum, from acoustic guitar to catchy, pop hits.

Your Mystery Lyric is:

there is thunder in the city, i can hear it from my bed and it’s filling every corner, waking every weary head.

Taylor Berrett – Pomegranate Sky was presented by Hil on April 18th 2014


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