Effelt, Blueeyes and Sunsetcowboy Hugyfest 2002

I was one of the original crew. My name is Dee and I loved music and ventured into the room, saw that they were a great group of people and decided to stay.
I now live outside Bloomsburg, PA. Back in the mountains. It is very peaceful here and the people are wonderful. I am a mom of 2 boys. I am engaged to Brian now and our wedding is planned for May 27th, this year. We have been together since 2002. I like all kinds of music and each decade is unique in its own way.

I have been to a lot of chatroom parties. I always enjoyed the company of HUGY, BARB, RVB , DANGLE, TRISHABUG and DUKE. RECORDLOVER, IMAGINE, ROCN60’S, CARPENTER, GOHAWKSGO, EDNA, TJBEATLEFAN, REDHED and TORCH just to name a few. I always thought that the roomies were all like family to me.

I used to come in the room often and ask the music trivia Questions at times. It was always fun and I learned a lot from all the roomies about music.BARCODE, DUKE, HUGY, MUSIC HISTORIAN, RVB, MSSCHOBLUE, SMOKER, MFPING ,RED. IMAGIN, LYLE, SUZANROSE, FLEETWOOD GIRL just to name a few. I used to love when AIDY answered my trivia questions. LOL.She would always have me laughing. To me it was not about the music, it was about the fun. There was respect for all the roomies who knew the music. I don’t have AOL anymore but I do have AIM and I do keep in touch with certain roomies.

The first roomie I met was HUGY for lunch and I brought my son and he brought his daughter. After just a little while I knew I had made a friend for life. Soon HUGY told me that there was gonna be a group meeting for lunch . It was HUGY, MADPOET, RICH and I. We met at Dick Clark’s Restaurant. MADPOET was tellin jokes and then RVB would start. I had so much fun that day. Then came the 1st HUGY’s. I had to go and It was there I met DUKE and his wife and what we called the originals, NORWEGIANWOOD, GWITHTHEC, CARPENTER, THE FOYLES, SUZANROSE, LUVMYCHAIR, RVB etc. If I forgot someone forgive me. There was an incredible connection with all of us. Since then I have been to TIM’s radio show and I have to say you are doing a great job my friend.

There have been so many people who took the time to care about one another. TRISHABUG and I still keep in touch and I also get to talk to DANGLE, HUGY, BARB and ROCN60s which is nice.

MARK, thanks so much for doing this project. Maybe someday I will get AOL back and I am sure I will come back.

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