I have been in the room for 6 years now. Found it by searching CHATS and landed there by accident. I live In the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. It is about 20 miles south of the Pocono Mountains. My name is Bobby Hepburn. All my close friends call me BOBBY HEP. I am 57 years old and have 2 daughters. Both daughters live in Maryland, I have 5 grandchildren. I grew up on Long Island in a town called Massapequa. Neil Diamond, Jerry Seinfeld, Brian Setzer, the Baldwin Brothers and Gene Simmons of KISS along with Steve Guttenberg all come from my hometown.

It was a fantastic place to grow up In. As kids we went to the beach all the time. I sing in an Oldies group called “DESIRE” and we are based in northern New Jersey. I am retired and my wife is a vice president of a bank in Pennsylvania.

I love the music of the 50s and 60s and I really love Doo-Wop.

I have been to several HUGYFESTS and met the greatest people on AOL. Got to sing in the DELROOMIOS with DD, THEFOYLES, CARP, TORCH, RVB, MEADOWRAT, SN0REFEST, BRITINLVR and many others. What a talented bunch of people. God, I have so many great memories. I always remember REMO, and all the trivia we used to do. Some old timers like NORWEGIANWOOD and PWHODAT always made me smile. I love the holiday screen names, Talking about HUGY’s and all the good times we had and sending jokes to EDNA, TORCH and AIDY. I have made great friends with SUZANROSE, HUGY, TORCH, AIDY, EDNA, BRIT, RACE among others.

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