Boys Don’t Cry

The problem that crops up after you have have released a debut album that is so wonderfully successful that critics dub you the coming Superstar has been well documented: Its the problem that Procol Harum had after releasing “A Whiter shade of Pale” and the problem that Rumer has today: The follow up.

Her management has realised that it would take too long to release a new album with her own songs if they want to keep the momentum going. So what is to be done? The music business is fast and if you can’t keep up, you lose touch. So, they decided to release an album of cover versions, of “little known” songs from the past. And thus a album of pleasant songs has been released. But its no more than that. All songs are worth listening to, but none of them stay in your head. There’s nothing on the new album with the class of “Slow”, “Aretha” or “On My Way Home”, the only song that sticks out is Hall and Oates “Sara Smile”. Otherwise its a take it or leave it production

All in all its a dissappointing production although Rumers sining makes up for a lot of shortcomings. And, I really am looking forward to Rumers Album number 3 (whenever that may be) containing her own material.

And Boys Do Cry …

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