My name is Suzanne and I live In the San Gabriel Valley area of Southern California. I am 47 years old and divorced with 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. I also have custody of my nephew and he has been living with me for 10 years now. They are a great bunch. I have a cat named Spot and a dog named Cookie. According to my profile I have been around since February of 1999. I love all types of music but my screen name reflects my main interest. The Kinks are my favorite band. I have been to many roomie functions. My first was an informal dinner with YUMMEYTOES, LWHITEDOVE, SPNNRN, ZOOT, KILRBSER and ROCN60s. I was so nervous I was shaking on the way to the restaurant. Believe It or not, I am a shy person. Since then I have been to HUGYFEST, a TEXFEST and many ROCNBBQ’s along with many small gatherings.

There was a time when I practically lived In the room .The plant I worked In got shut down and I had 3 months severance pay, so I was there all the time. Because I am going to school now I only come in on weekends now.

I remember when we used to have the birthday parties for the regulars. A close friend would create a room and we would create screen names that had something to do with the honoree’s screen name etc. etc. I remember TERRILEE started Nekkid Tuesdays. We would leave our clothes at the door. What Imagination, what fun.

I remember the 1st DIAMOND STYLUS AWARDS. Everyone was very excited. The ladies talked about what they were going to wear and we all had dates. PETEYSMOKE was my date and I wore a cute backless gown.LOL. I met the best people In this room. The first person I met physically was SONICBBQ. We shared so much in common that our friendship is more solid than ever. He will forever be a part of my life. Darlene, REVOLVER1266, is the sweetest, most interesting, most genuine person you would ever hope to meet. I would do anything for that girl. JANSADDICTION is another sweetheart. She and Darlene come to my house and we have the best time. I’m sure many roomies ears are burning when we get together!!

The only thing we can do better and I include myself on this is to not let the fools who try to run the room try to harass us. Put them on Ignore if you have to. We have lost some wonderful people because of this.

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