Around April of 1999 I was browsing the chatrooms and loving music decided to drop Into Oldies Music Chat. My name is Karen and I live in Tampa, Florida. I am 45 years old and am divorced with a 20 year old son Bobby. He attends Rutgers University in New Jersey. My favorite music is from the 60s and 70s.

I attended HUGYFEST2001 where I met so many roomies. I think I danced so much that weekend that I think I lost 10 lbs. I hardly ever come in the room anymore after being a regular back from 1999-2002 or so. Trivia was my favorite thing to do as I wasn’t much of a chatter however I have to say that AIDY always kept me laughing.
I used to love to go In the room on special occasions like birthdays and holidays to see the new screen names and try to figure out who was who.

I made one really nice friend from the chat room. Her name was SILKWEEZI. I used to talk to her on a daily basis but we drifted apart at we don’t talk at all anymore.

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