Caro Josée – Mona Lisa Liut

Mona Lisa Liut is a song from Caro Josée’s current album Turning Point, which was released in July 2012

The song was written by Caro (lyrics) and Manusch Weiss (Music) and was the first song written during their collaboration leading up to the release of the album.

It was the input and influence of Manusch and Enzo Weiss, who belong to one of Germanys most profiled musical Roma families, that shaped the music on the album, which moves more towards a gypsy jazz production as opposed to Caro’s previous album “Eternity” from 2005 which was more blues influenced.

Manusch certainly has a high pedigree, being the subject of a TV documentary about Gypsy Jazz entitled “Django’s Heir”, and Caro knew, when she coincidentally met him at a party, that this was the direction in which she wanted to go. And certainly, Turning Point can be seen as a homage to the most famous gypsy guitarist of all time – Django Reinhardt.

Caro Josée was awarded a Jazz Echo in 2013 for best female vocals national for her album “Turning Point”

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