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The History Of The Rocn60s BBQ

Amongst the goodies in Edna’s Yearbook, there was a history of the legendary Rocn60s BBQ – the mother of all oldie get-togethers. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get there, and as Steve (rightly) reckons he has done his bit, I probably never will either… For those who, like me, didn’t have the chance to…

Edna’s Yearbook

Edna’s “Music Oldies Yearbook” was published probably around 2003 and was handed out at Hugyfest the same year. I had been to Hugyfest in 2002, but unfortunately I have never been able to make it back to Reading for financial reasons – as they say , or sing “Money’s too tight to mention”.

Peter (Effelt) brought me the yearbook back to Germany, which was a great consolation, especially the 4 whole pages of “autographs” from participating Oldies.

After getting permission from Edna, I would like to add at least some of the Yearbook to these pages, but until then, I will leave you with the 4 pages of Oldie autographs, with the question … which signatures do you recognise?

Kacey’s Dictionary

The following list is a collection of words or terms used by roomies in the Music Oldies Chatroom along with their definitions. Please note that this is NOT Webster’s dictionary and that these definitons are mean’t to be fun 🙂 A/S/L – (g/n) Question that when asked by an incoming roomie may cause said roomie…