Kacey’s Dictionary

The following list is a collection of words or terms used by roomies in the Music Oldies Chatroom along with their definitions. Please note that this is NOT Webster’s dictionary and that these definitons are mean’t to be fun 🙂

A/S/L – (g/n) Question that when asked by an incoming roomie may cause said roomie to be banished (See also “Area 51” and “Iggy”)

Bookie – (n) Someone who uses a reference book to cheat at trivia

BRB – (abb) Be Right Back. A rommies way of letting us know they won’t be at their keyboard so we don’t talk to them and look like an idiot.

CLICK – (n) The sound a roomie makes while showing someone to Area 51

Corner – (n) (also known as “Kacey’s Korner”) This area of the room is for anyone who seekspeace, solace, time out … and some ice cream

Fun – (n) What we’re supposed to be having in the room

GMTA – (abb) Great Minds Think Alike. When 2 or more roomies say the same thing. Scary, huh?

Hugyfest – (n) Perennial Popular Pennsylvania Party with Pretty Psrticipants

Ice Cream – (n) A food that goes well with any subject matter. Is always served in the room corner. What Edna didn’t get at Rocn60s BBQ.

Iggy – (vt) That lovely option we roomies have (but seldom use) when certain oddballs invade our space (See also “Area 51”)

KISS – 1. (n) to blow a kiss to another roomie. 2. (abb) Keep It  Simple Stupid.

Loft – (n) A place a lot of people brag about visiting but probably never have been. Sort of like Woodstock

Made The List – (adj) Music Oldies appears on a lot of favorite rooms on AOL

Newbie – (n) someone who is new in the chatroom

Overrated – (vt) 1. According to Mr Sheep (aka RVB) this term applies to almost anything about and by The Beatles; 2. Could also apply to some Roomies

Perk – (vt) We’re not talking coffee makers here. Think about it

Perv – (n) One practising sexual perversion. See Hugy, Terrilee or Edna for explanation

Porn Pop-Ups (n) A person who IM’s or sends a link in the room advertising porn. Ex. CLICK HERE! for some reason AOL thinks we can’t find our own

RocnBBQ – (n) Carefree California Conclave Consisiting Of Cutie Companions

Sarcasm – (n) Unfortunately, a word a lot of roomies have nnever heard of. Please consult your local dictionary for the meaning – and then remember it. (See also “Fun”)

Sheep – (n) 1. Cute little animals who “BAAA” a lot and provide us with wool; 2. for all other definitions please consult RVB or PETEY

Snert – (n) 1. A person who causes trouble in the chatroom. 2. A newbie who enters the room saying Oldies Suck. 3. Anyone who asks A/S/L. Can usually be found in Area 51

WTG – (abb) Way To Go! Giving to roomies who get a trivia question correct. An attaboy or girl.

Editors note: These definitions were originally published in Edna’s Yearbook from 2003. Are these definitions up-to-date? Are there any definitions missing? What do you think? Answers please in the comments box below

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