I started coming In the room In March of 1999 and I really don’t remember how I found the room. I live in Santee, California and am about 20 miles east of San Diego. My name is Cheryl and I am 45 years old. I am married for the second time. I was married for the first time when I was 17(pretty dumb thing to do at that age) and that lasted 13 years until he died in 1990. We had 2 daughters and my youngest made me a grandma at 37! I got married for the second time in 1991 and we have 2 children also. I spend a lot of time with them and have been a member of the PTA since 1992. I also do all the typical parent stuff like little league, girl scouts. etc. etc. Also work at my local Church and help needy families.

My favorite decade for music is the 70s but I listen to everything. I still like the Vinyl and own 2300 albums and have lots of 78’s from my mom. As many of you know I have been trying very hard to get to ROC’s BBQ for the past several years. It seems like something always happens at the last second like last year when I was actually In my car heading to Steve’s when I received a phone call to hurry back as my daughter was in a car accident. This year my whole family came down with Strep Throat that caused me to stay home.

I used to live in that Chatroom. My sleeping bag was under AIDY’s cot. Once the kids started school I would come in only at night. I have not been a regular for sometimes now but do try to pop In once In awhile to say hi. I was always entertained by everybody in the room. I would crack up at AIDY’s comments and her typos LOL. My favorite moments were when we would all come in with other screen names at somebody’s birthday. TERRILEE dancing on the tables was also special. I just loved the family atmosphere that prevailed in the room in those days. We could talk about anything from music to TV to Movies to even sharing recipes. What a time. The silly times when we would put a word in a song lyric. I remember all the sexual innuendos in some of those lyrics making everyone blush or just crack-up.

I have not met any roomies but have talked to many on the telephone and I have made many friends. I have made one special friendship with a roomie but we lost contact for awhile but now have found each other again, It would be wonderful if we could get everyone back In the room again with things like the recent DIAMOND STYLUS AWARDS.

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