I have been in the chatroom now about 5 years or so. I live in Detroit , Michigan and I am 55 years old, a singer, guitar player and I work In H.V.A.C. sales. I just love music, all music. I have never attended a chatroom party but I have been lucky enough to have met on of the most beautiful ladies in the room.

I remember the old days when I couldn’t wait to get home and look In the room to see who was there and then telling everybody how my day was and listening to how there’s was also. I really miss the trivia, even though I didn’t really play all that much. Deanna and Tim would be getting all the WTG.s. I always felt welcome from day one in the Oldies Chatroom.

I loved trying to guess who the people were on the special occasions etc. Any time I saw SINGDEEDEE’s name I would lighten up. I have to say that I have met a lot of special people in this room, Talking to GOHAWKS about the Redwings or talking guitars with others., but I must say that I really feel in my heart that I was pulled Into this room to meet the key holder of my heart, Deanna, SINGDEEDEE.

Sunset Cowboy

Exiled to Hamburg, from Batley Yorkshire, second home is Istanbul. Addicted to Music, WordPress and Rugby League, a stalwart figure in the AOL Oldies Chat Room around the turn of the century, a traveller to Hugyfest.

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