I have been in the chatroom now about 5 years or so. I live in Detroit , Michigan and I am 55 years old, a singer, guitar player and I work In H.V.A.C. sales. I just love music, all music. I have never attended a chatroom party but I have been lucky enough to have met on of the most beautiful ladies in the room.

I remember the old days when I couldn’t wait to get home and look In the room to see who was there and then telling everybody how my day was and listening to how there’s was also. I really miss the trivia, even though I didn’t really play all that much. Deanna and Tim would be getting all the WTG.s. I always felt welcome from day one in the Oldies Chatroom.

I loved trying to guess who the people were on the special occasions etc. Any time I saw SINGDEEDEE’s name I would lighten up. I have to say that I have met a lot of special people in this room, Talking to GOHAWKS about the Redwings or talking guitars with others., but I must say that I really feel in my heart that I was pulled Into this room to meet the key holder of my heart, Deanna, SINGDEEDEE.

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