I have been in the Oldies chatroom since 2002. My girlfriend at the time had AOL and that’s how I found it. I live in Lebanon, Ohio, which is a suburb of Cincinnati.
I go by the name of TJ. I am 43 years old. I work as an engineer in a major hotel
chain. I am not married at the present time nor do I wish to be. I play drums, guitar and I am a Disc Jockey for social events–Mostly weddings.

My favorite types of music are 50s to 70s, My favorite artist is Jackson Browne.
I have attended both the 2003 and 2005 HUGYFESTS. I plan to attend the 2006 HUGY bash also. I was the first DJ to provide music for a HUGYFEST. I told HUGY before attending 2003 that I was working a wedding in Pittsburgh the night before and If I could set up my equipment for his party. HUGY said sure and needless to say it was an overwhelming success. We added another dimension to an already fantastic event. In fact LYLELADY, RVB and TJBEATLEFAN also took turns spinning the tunes. It must have
caught on because Rich brought equipment for HUGY2004. Rich, by the way it’s great to be workin the 1200’s again. I used to come in the room more often but due to my work schedule I don’t come in as often.

I really didn’t have a favorite chatroom moment until last Thursday in TIM’s room.
I have never laughed so hard or for so long in my life. MARK, I am talking about you.
You kept me in stitches! RICH was right about you. You are a lot of fun and a wonderful guy. I can’t wait to hopefully meet you at HUGY’s this year.
The HUGYFEST’s have been wonderful. Everyone is so friendly and the atmosphere is Euphoric. I hate leaving but the picture sharing when we all get home keeps the party spirit going.

As for special friends and friendships there are several that come to mind but two of them stand out. I am talking about RVB442 and DANGLE526, Rich and Mamie.
You wanna talk about fun people? These people light up a room by just entering It.\They are so even tempered and enjoyable to talk to. They don’t get rattled by unpleasant room happenings and it doesn’t hurt that Rich is a DJ also. LOL.

Talking about the unpleasant happenings, I for one don’t care who is doing whom in the room. I have my own problems to concern myself with. Roomies let’s just be more civil to each other.

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