My name Is Ruth and I am 53 years old. I am a pre-school teacher assistant and I work part time at Macy’s. I live In Evansville, Indiana and have been coming In the room since 1999. To me the best era of music was the 1960’s. The Beatles and the entire English Invasion. It was such an awesome time musically and I must admit that I’m a HIPPIE at heart.
I was at HUGYFEST2002 and met so many roomies. LYLELADY was the first roomie I met as I was getting out of a cab at Wegman’s and she said are you DITDAT and I said yes and then she proceeded to take my luggage and put It In her car. I also met BLOSSMWRLD. RVB442, EDNA, EFFELT, MAME, STEELWORKER, MSCHOBLUE,RED, TORCH,WHEAT, SUZANROSE and several others I can’t recall.

From 1999 to 2001 I think I was In the room every single night. After 2001 I didn’t go In the room for personal reasons that I wont go Into here. The last few years have found me coming in every so often. I find it more pleasant now as I don’t want to be part of the pettiness conflicts that I have witnessed at various times over the years.

My favorite memories were the early years. Remember REMO? We would joke, laugh, talk and play our favorite music WAVES and Sing all night long. Those were some of the happiest times I have ever had in my whole life.
I remember In the early days talking to Rich, RVB a lot I knew he really loved the music of the 60’s and he was very knowledgeable about Motown and all the artists from his hometown of Philadelphia. Because of Rich, I was able to listen to lots of great music from that era. Thanks Rich. I remember we had a party at Halloween one year and I came In as Cinderella and I had to leave by midnight or I would turn into a pumpkin. LOL. What memories.

The special friends I have made in here are among them, ALME3838.PLESLUVME4EVR and BLOSSMWRLD to name a few. I would like to see more Music Chat and less Chit-Chat. I mean this Is a music room ? isn’t it?

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