I have been with music oldies since 1999… Started out as JSY3350017. As most of ya’ll know my name is Joyce. I am a young 51 yrs old and I have a 23 year old daughter and Bodie my weenie dog. I have been divorced for 6 years and one day may take the plunge again if the right one comes along, I live In Whittier, California but am originally from Gulfport, Mississippi.

I love all kinds of music, depends on the mood. Right now I am really into the Blues, some Jazz and still love the Oldies.

I have been to 2 ROCSBBQ’s and they were great. I have met REVOLVER, SMOKER, BRIT, DUKE, EDNA, DANGLE, RVB, PUPPERPIE, Geesh just too many to mention. They are all great people

I used to come in the room almost everyday but lately things just aren’t the same in there. It breaks my heart to see the name calling.. We are adults. We need to get over all of this.

Dixie and Terrilee at Rocn60s BBQ

I remember the time HEYBONEHO, Jimmy and I started to live together. Of course that stays in my mind as a favorite memory. Also when I have been down in the dumps, Somebody in the room would always be there to make me smile. Too many things to mention that made me laugh. When AIDY was in the room she always made me laugh and RVB— Geesh, what can I say. LOL.

I look forward to Mike’s Trivia even though I stink at it. I look forward to seeing good people and playing some great tunes. In the past I looked forward to seeing Jimmy in the room. I also used to love coming in the room after having seen a great concert and sharing that with all the roomies. I love sharing my music and always will. I have made a lot of great friends over the years and some stay true. I think AIDY has been a good example for me. I cry on her shoulder a lot and she always takes the time to console me and make me feel better. I hope to get to meet her one day. She is a great lady.

Sunset Cowboy

Exiled to Hamburg, from Batley Yorkshire, second home is Istanbul. Addicted to Music, WordPress and Rugby League, a stalwart figure in the AOL Oldies Chat Room around the turn of the century, a traveller to Hugyfest.

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