My name is George and I live in Boston. I think I came in the room first in 1999 but it might have been earlier. I like music mostly from the 60’s and 70’s. I have attended roomie parties in
New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, California and New Hampshire. I come in the room mostly at night and it seems that I haven’t been coming in the room too much lately.

My favorite chatroom moment was when BETSY (IRISHJIGGER), TERRILEE, ME and some other people who I can’t remember were dancing away in the room. We laughed and danced and had such a wonderful time. I think I kept sniffing BETSY’s hair or was it the Perfume? LOL. I think of that evening and smile cause I met 2 of those people later on and one of them lives with me now…. Can you guess who ????? LOLLLL.

I have made quite a few good friends and we lost a dear one this December, JERRY.

I enjoy the parties and the events very much. It is a time to smile and to laugh and meet
even more people for the first time.

How would I fix the room? Get rid of SCOTT…LOLLLLL. I was told to say that. LOL.

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