I had great memories at ROCSBBQ and at HUGYFEST2001. At HUGY’s it was so much fun meeting everyone and putting faces with screen names. I wasn’t disappointed with the faces except one….mine! At least I could have scrubbed my cheeks that day! Playing trivia games. I was on the same team as PINGER and I couldn’t imagine how anyone could be so knowledgeable with all the songs that were being played. WTG PINGER. Meeting everyone was great…. I could mention them all day but way too many to pinpoint anyone out without offending anyone else. I do remember on Sunday we left HUGY’s and went back to the hotel. It was me, SPNNRN, DUKER and TE and we played hearts and laughed and laughed as we were always trying to give the Queen of Spades away.

At one of the music trivia games at HUGY’s I remember giving an answer to DUKER..He won and I got kicked out of the game and had to go upstairs…That was too funny! REDHED (Gracie) made me feel so much at home as she introduced me to so many people that she knew…and it was wonderful to make new friends that are still with me today. Even MATT came with his dad and he was fun too!!!!

At ROC’s I traveled not too far in California as opposed to going all the way to Pennsylvania and ROC was a great host with a wonderful family and we had another great time at music trivia. I remember the answer to one Question was–The SPNNRN got up and stood on one leg and answered—Flamingos…We all had a great laugh.

Meeting CCR and of course that Mets/Islanders fan…ROB was great and MICHELLE (NORWOOD) made me laugh as so many other people did. 2001 was a magical time at both parties and a great year only to be ruined by the events of September 11.

I want to thank MARK for giving me some time on this..hat was so nice of him.

Thanks to Mark and all of you,

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