Flwerchild and Nitemann at Hugyfest

I have been in this room about 5 years now. I went into the room and saw people typing song titles and people guessing artists. I figured I can do this and discovered I was getting most answers right. It was fun. I couldn’t figure out why some were putting song titles in parenthesis and when I asked they said “cause we like to “. Finally somebody was kind enough to explain the WAVMAN thing to me. There was a certain aspect of the room that I didn’t understand and I saw some flirting going on and I cracked a joke about getting a room and everybody jumped all over me. I was mortified and I must have apologized at least 5 times.

Anyway I was now broken in LOL and it’s still the best chatroom on the internet.

The first Chatroom party I ever attended was HUGY Halloween 2003. I met HUGY, BARB, SARAH, MAME, RVB, STEELWORKER, GLIMMERTWNS, MARGYBEAR, SUITE and all their families. Also TJBEATLEFAN and cute little Alex who we successfully wound up. I was so nervous. Then I got to HUGYFEST 2004 and 2005, a pool party at TIM’S, IRISHFEST 2004 and 2006 and JACKI’s Woodstock party.

2 memories stand out for me among all others. One night a roomie picked a song and all of us in the room picked a virtual instrument to play. I played the Virtual Drums and my part went boom boom boom ratattatat. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t keep up the beat. Another is just a month or so ago in TIMS Room. Somebody mentioned Abba and CHEVELLE hates Abba and the jokes began. Tim who was still at the station interrupted Roy’s show and played 7 Abba songs in a row for CHEV (John). So Roy calls Tim on the show and before long I am laughing so hard that I am bringing out the tissue, Even my daughter who was on a computer next to me asked me what was happening. LOL. It’s hard to explain. LOL.

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