I have been in here since July 1997, seems like forever some days. LOL. I came in because of my love of music. My name is Sondra Lee. I am 48 years old with 3 grown sons, that drive me crazy, but, I would not trade them for anything.
My favorite music is Motown, R&B from the 70s and some country. I love the Bee Gees and John Denver and Earth Wind and Fire.
I have not attended any Chatroom parties but did meet DANNYKOOL last summer at a festival–He is a great guy. I am in the room most evenings for a few hours at a time. It is my solace away from the sports that are on in the living room LOL.

One of my all-time favorite moments is when EMP came back in the room after his surgery and seeing that he was back to his same old silly self.

I mostly love the room when we are just shooting the breeze about everyday stuff like kids, schools, work the weather etc. etc. Talking to everyone makes me feel so connected. I have made some very close friends in the room. Friends that I know I can call up today and ask for help and they would be there for me.

Sunset Cowboy

Exiled to Hamburg, from Batley Yorkshire, second home is Istanbul. Addicted to Music, WordPress and Rugby League, a stalwart figure in the AOL Oldies Chat Room around the turn of the century, a traveller to Hugyfest.

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