I have been in here since July 1997, seems like forever some days. LOL. I came in because of my love of music. My name is Sondra Lee. I am 48 years old with 3 grown sons, that drive me crazy, but, I would not trade them for anything.
My favorite music is Motown, R&B from the 70s and some country. I love the Bee Gees and John Denver and Earth Wind and Fire.
I have not attended any Chatroom parties but did meet DANNYKOOL last summer at a festival–He is a great guy. I am in the room most evenings for a few hours at a time. It is my solace away from the sports that are on in the living room LOL.

One of my all-time favorite moments is when EMP came back in the room after his surgery and seeing that he was back to his same old silly self.

I mostly love the room when we are just shooting the breeze about everyday stuff like kids, schools, work the weather etc. etc. Talking to everyone makes me feel so connected. I have made some very close friends in the room. Friends that I know I can call up today and ask for help and they would be there for me.

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    17. November 2012

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