My name is ZAC and DANGLE526 is my mom and JAZZYSMOM is my aunt. I first visited the oldies room back in 2002. I have attended HUGYFEST2005 and 2 TEXFESTS. Everyone I have met I consider to be close to. You can’t separate experiences too close or far, seeing as everything has something to give you in life. I am in a serious relationship with Shannon aka “MORRIGAN, and we live just north of Dallas, Texas. We have 4 cats and one very spoiled puppy. I am a Technical Support Engineer for a large Internet Company.

Unfortunately, my joining the oldies room was not initially for fun and to meet new people. As it turned out, that is what happened, HEHE. I had joined the Chatroom to track down an individual that had been sending Email threats to my family. I did find out what I was looking for, and took care of things in my own way. Aside from that, I met many people in the room that were welcoming to me and warm to a newcomer. You see, I had not told anyone, except my mother, who I was. As far as everyone knew, I was just some random “Joe” that had stumbled across a music oriented chat room .

After watching the room for a few evenings, I decided to chat a little but didn’t want to get too involved knowing I had other reasons for being there. As it turned out EDNA and I hit it off very well, (Naked Jello still rules) and also a few other roomies like RED and TORCH and AIDY. In time, my relationship to my mother was divulged and I still feel very badly that EDNA was the last to know. (((hugs edna)))

As for memories, I don’t think the Internet chat can stand up to the personal encounters with the folks in this group. I’m sure there have been many heartfelt conversations via text over the years but for me, meeting the group in person has been a wild experience. Here are a few snippets that I remember from our meetings.

RACE ERIC MIKE Another shot?
The Ranch Waitress–Hmmm, I’m not sure why that has kept up with me so much since TEXFEST LOL.
BRIT Long, long talks about music and life. Genuine, true… You still have a piece of my heart… Do I get it back ?
EDNA NEKID JELLO and roller skates? Erm.. I think that may be the start of a new sport.
Music Triva— Gawd… I need to practice the pre 1975 stuff.
CARRINGTON Yay! Got to finally meet the other CARRINGTON. OMG. Mom ! Can we keep her ?
Lap dances for NANCY! That smile is gorgeous.
Trying to outdrink PETER is not so fun. Well it’s fun until everything starts to kick in.
Then you realize that 20 years of more experience just kicked your ass. LOL. Good games PETER!
PJ Parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Learning recipies from my favorite Irish girl!
Serenading Ms. DEBBIE! ….You are an inspiration.
RVB, LYLE and DISCJOCKEE! My new favorite DJ’s You guys rock!
Learning to make the HUGYFEST chip dip from BARB.
TERRILEE Someone mentioned taking an inventory of all the stuff kept safe by “The Boobs”.
“Sears” poses with SANDY (SAXDY).
Denny’s with LYLE and CHEV. Ketchup bottles with sugar!
DONNA (FLEETWOODGIRL) Let’s drink and discuss! LOL.
Showing up at TEXFEST2005 without the girl my mom had told everyone about. Too bad for the girl, I had a blast!
Never ending Hugs!
Dancing with my Grandma at TEXFEST–She Rocks!
MIKE (CARPENTER) One of the smartest men alive. Nice guys will always finish last….but good things come to those who wait. Never settle in this life or the next, as I’m sure you didn’t in the past.
Here is a letter I sent out to all the roomies after TEXFEST2005…. this still stands for me..

“I would like to extend my deepest thanks to all of you that I had the honor of meeting this past weekend. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to not only see how happy my mother is, but to see why. I had always known how excited she was in being a part of this community/family, now in meeting all of you, I have experienced the same. Thank you for being so inviting. I had
the best time!!

You are all genuine in more ways than can ever be expressed. Your passion for music is one of a kind, and what better way to share it than with others that can equally meet you with those very feelings. I have much admiration for all of you, and would not dare to venture into individual thank you’s as this letter would be far too long. Please accept this short note as my appreciation for being so welcomed, and for being such wonderful friends and family to one of the most important people in my life.”

There is so much I have not mentioned here. I honestly don’t think I can write it all out, as it is always kept best, with full visual and sound in my mind. Cheers to all of you and the memories we will make together in the near future.

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