I had a treat early this year when Michelle, Margy and Phil came to Chicago to see the Stones in concert and I was able to spend a day with them as we ate, shopped and chatted along Chicago’s miracle mile. To say the least Michelle is one of the nicest, kindest roomies I have ever had the pleasure to meet and while many of the roomies have a little fun with her rambling style of chat, what follows below is MIchelle in her truest form. I think you will enjoy what she has to say in her own, unique style. ~GOHAWKSGO

Gl1mmer and Rockrequiem

Hi .I am Michelle and I am a widow which many of you already know. My children are my only living relatives. I have 4 children . My oldest son who is 24 will be the youngest member of the Philadelphia City Council and I have twin daughters and a special son. I have shared Stef’s prom and graduation pics with many of the roomies and she has also wandered into the chatroom once in awhile. Stef has also taken me to HUGY’s but I think she was just checking up on me. LOL.

I remember that spring of 2002 I was new to the Widows chat and while the people there were very nice I really was not in the mood to get into a serious mood with them at any time. When I somehow ventured into the Oldies room I remember it was close to the time of HUGYFEST and I remember hearing HUGY this and HUGY that and one day I saw HUGY in the room and asked him about it. He told me it was a party and he was in Pennsylvania as I was and soon the thoughts started racing. My family thought I was off the wall and that I was in mortal danger. I made a deal with them that I would go only for for one night and stay in constant contact with them by phone.The first person I met was Mrs. HUGY, BARB who picked me up and ran errands with me. I walked in not knowing anyone and there was DONNA and MARGY and TIM, EDNA, DARLENE and MAMIE. I stuck close to the females. It was overwhelming but cool.

We went to dinner and I sat with PETER and The HUGY’s and MARGY sat on the other side and we met in the washroom and from being so nervous told her my whole life story in 20 minutes. That first HUGY’s was the start of the second half of my life. I met KAT and SEV and STEVE who told me about his party in California. I honestly couldn’t remember many of the names but what followed were great friendships. I then was lucky enough to go to some smaller gatherings like HUGY’s HALLOWEEN parties and the smaller group made it easier to actually get to know the roomies in less crowded situations. The roomies who I met in those days have formed a special bond with me. It’s a bond that runs very deep, Friendships that are more than words, fun at every corner, knowing that if you need a friend you have one for the bad times life tosses your way.

Grayson, Tjbeatles, Carrington, Gl1mmer, Rockrequiem, Nitemann and Flwerchild gather at the Legends studio.

It is so cool to have friends from all over including Europe. I don’t know about anyone else but my phone rings all the time. If not for this chatroom I wouldn’t have nearly the life I have now, and for those who do not know, for me the room was a perfect place for an Orphaned girl, A widow as now my family is huge. We have fun and are there for one another. It’s the best, What can I say? The side trips we take between the big parties even make us closer.

Over the years my musical taste has changed and I feel that is because of my being in this chatroom. It has opened my eyes to some music that I really didn’t listen to in my younger days.

I have already talked about my 1st HUGYFEST and all the other little gatherings and such and then this year I did get to go to Chicago to meet MARK and FRANK. By finally getting to ROC’s, I was able to finally go west and meet MIKE (CARP), JANS, STEVE and of course the tour guide of the west who is the best, DARLENE, not to mention SUZANNE and RACE and ANGIE and LARRY and LOUISE. LARRY had us in tears when he had to go through his operation, STEVE’s party was awesome and what a time MARGY, DONNA and I had sharing a suite…HA HA HA…let the party start there. LOL. It was the start of PLUNGYBEAR and well that first year JO gets the credit. How many trips can you say every day was better than the next. STEVE’s wife KAREN had us over during the week. It was just the perfect trip.

That summer I also made it to TIM’s BBQ and I spent time with MARY who says I am family and that makes me cry. If not for this room, how awesome, I am crying now just remembering the wonderful friendships I have made from coming online. I think by now I have met over 100 roomies, I know there screen names and there real names. If I leave any names out I am truly sorry cause I love you all.

ERIC is another story. I met him in a Rolling Stones chat a few years ago. I would try to explain to him on Tuesdays that I was going off to TIM’s show and we were really friendly but he thought I was a dude. LOL. Then one night I said to ERIC, why don’t you follow me to TIM’s room and I figured, Heck, if MARGY can invite her plumber I can invite ERIC. Need I say more about ERIC whom you all know and has been to more parties in one year than I. I am so happy he went to TIM’s show that day and has come back every week after. He is my partner in crime for the most part and he is near and dear to my heart.

I do come in the room during the week once in awhile but for the most part I seem to come in on Thursday’s for TIM’s show. I have lots of memories from the chatroom. There have been some awesome trivia matches, wow did I learn from the best and boy did I remember songs that I hadn’t heard in ages from the past. Such a diverse group of people and all with their own specialties. I guess if everyone did what I liked I wouldn’t learn a thing, and that would be like nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I just love it on the nights we all seem to get along. We just laugh and have fun. The trivia, the talking, back and forth. Once again TIM’s show on Thursdays at 9pm EST is an example of how we all mesh together as a unit and have fun. Sometimes we all stay late and then the real fun begins.

Gl1mmer, Rockrequiem and Margybear in Chicago

I love the Christmas chat with RACE and EDNA, whom I think started it. JOANNE and AIDY did an awesome job this year with the DIAMOND STYLUS AWARDS. That was so cool for me and I thank MOBIL for getting the ball rolling as those things are hard work. God Bless everyone who do all that hard work, including ANNETTE for her OLDIES BIRTHDAY LIST. Big thanks also to DARLENE for the Beatle series and the songs she would send out. Thanks also to ROB (SONIC) and WINSTON as they also send out music for us to share in. That is so kind of them. The sharing of music and the wonderful greetings to newcomers is something that I don’t think happens in many other Chatrooms.

I have made more friends who are like bothers and sisters to me in this room than I could ever imagine. I can actually pick up my phone and talk to anyone, anytime and they can talk to me. The list is staggering, as far as friends go. I can even call my friends who don’t come in the room anymore like AIDY and APRIL and PETER and BETSY.

What I would like to say in conclusion is that everyone who goes in this room is a part of keeping it great. Let’s not let the small minority ruin it for us. I see so many of you at HUGY’s and ROC’s, sorry TEXFEST, but I haven’t gotten there yet, and its about all of us from our corners of the USA keeping this larger than all of us together. It is worth keeping and they can’t ruin it for us. Even if we have to move it from time to time, there are too many awesome people and events to hold it together. From EDNA’s poodle skirts to RICH and MAMIE getting Lesley Gore’s autograph for HUGY. From MARGY who brings HUGY the neatest gifts every year and PETER who helps me celebrate my birthday every year. Who could have ever imagined I would have a friend from half-way around the world to help me celebrate? From TIM’s harem to me bowling down the wrong lane, to BILL falling asleep in the oddest places to the summer of the Cicadas. PAUL getting his communion at Wegman’s and from MARGY and I meeting in Wegman’s bathroom and getting locked in the lighthouse like teenagers. One thing that is hardly mentioned is how BOB, MARGY’s husband who calls us CULT MEMBERS,keeps a souvenir menu from Wegmans at home, so just my opinion but he is having fun with this and lets remember that BOB did get us off when we might have been arrested for trespassing at the lighthouse LOL.

OK, I know I am rambling but we have started some great things here like Margy and I, California and the Stones and we do have the sad remembrances like JERRY as well as the time we share sorrow with the roomies who have lost a close relative and the times some of us have had to have surgery and we were there to comfort one another. We do have a room of people who truly care about one and all and that is a pretty good thing.

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