Hoge, Will – Strong

Our artist (born November 14, 1972 is a Grammy-nominated American singer, songwriter and musician from Nashville, Tennessee. He grew up in Franklin, Tennessee, located just south of Nashville. His sound was heavily influenced by his musician father and uncles and the extensive record collection that his father kept. He attended Western Kentucky University to study history planning to become a high school history teacher and basketball coach. He decided that he wanted to try his hand at rock and roll and began writing music. He left the university after realizing he wanted to be a musician.

Over the years, he has toured with many artists, including Shinedown, Needtobreathe, Marc Broussard, ZZ Top, The Cat Empire, Squeeze, Jason Isbell, Lisa Loeb and Edwin McCain. Bands that have opened for him include Steel Train, The Trews, The Elms, Rose Hill Drive, Needtobreathe, Moses Mayfield, The Alternate Routes, Aslyn, Katie Herzig, Missy Higgins, and The Civil Wars.

Way back in 1997 when I first got onto a computer after my sons accident I was a wreck and in pain and even though I wasn’t physically harmed I was a proverbial mess. Ok for all you funny guys I know I’m still, a mess.

I stumbled into a trivia room and was hooked. It was an escape to a tremendous unjoyful time in my life. Caring for Pat near 24-7 thinking how not only Pat’s life changed but our whole families life as we knew it. At that time I was feeling overwhelmed.

One of the very first people I talked to was Sev in that room. Most of you were also in that room. Sev was a great man, he gave advice, was loyal, funny, give the shirt off his back kind of guy. Sev was also one of the many of you I got to meet face to face at a luncheon in New Jersey for the first time and a few times more over the years. One time when he visited here we had a ball visiting all the new and vintage music stores around the area finding some great music to add to our collections. Through the years and through music and Mystery Lyrics which Sev founded he and all of you helped me realize, that I had alot of support and could rely all of you for anything I needed. Through his jokes, , sillyness in the rooms, gentle sternous when needed and a love and deeper apprecaition for music like I hadn’t had before even though I loved music all my life. When I’d introduce him to an unknown to him group or artist he’d let me know if he liked it or not.

I’m sure you all know what I mean and I know in my heart and soul Sev’s looking down on us from heaven cheering us on to keep what he started and loved for as long as we can. Sev will be missed forever and forever be in our hearts and thoughts.

The lyrics from todays song to me reflect my feelings on the man he was, always was and will always be. I dedicate todays song in his memory.

Your Lyrics were:

“He’ll pick you up and won’t let you down rock solid inside out”

Will Hoge – Strong was presented on 7th July 2014 by Cheryl
photo credit: Darin House via photopin cc

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