Sabrina, as many of us call her, was torn as to what to write for this project. She knew she wanted to participate but just wasn’t sure exactly how to express her emotions. After a few weeks of thought, she asked me if she could put her feelings in a “Poem” and I said sure, “go for it”. While not trying to prejudge any of what all of you have contributed, what I will say is that Sabrina has given us a quite unique and truly beautiful expression of our “chatroom” ~GOHAWKSGO

Once upon a time when I was a perplexed minor,
I stumbled across a few astounding old timers.
Feeling so befuddled and so insecure,
I quickly learned there was nothing the love of the oldies room couldn’t cure,
Broken, afraid and ready to give up the world outside,
The room became my very own place to hide,
Who would have guessed that a chatroom that uses words such as “bonk” and “shup”,
Could become a natural world in which I could grow up,
Thankful for the devotion and the love I was lucky enough to receive,
The oldies room will always be a miracle I believe,
For the shared love of music, passion and friends,
It’ll be a memory shared between my heart and soul to the end.

I could go on to talk about all the fun times I remember, who I have met, and how I came across this room, but I’m not going to. It’s probably all been said by the rest of you. What I will remember years from now are all the people who have made this such a pleasurable place to be. I came in here as a confused, young teenager, a little jaded by life, just hoping that I could share some interest with others in the music I love, but I found a lot more. What I found was not only people who shared my love of music, but people who have lived life and were willing to share their experiences with me. The room made me feel so “not alone” and that my friends is what I will remember the most. Of course I will always cherish the times I have spent with some of the people in person, like EDDIE, DARLENE, JANS, EDNA and FRANK and I hope that in the future that list continues to grow.

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