Oliver & Itsmsdebby Hugyfest 2005

My name is Debbie and I’m a gramma LOL. I have a son and my beautiful grand daughter who is 2 and an Oliver LOL. He is my love and my best friend for about 5 years now and come to think of It that’s about how long I have been coming In the Oldies room. I live In South Carolina and have all my life,

I have attended 3 roomie fests… the first one I was so nervous I got sick. If It weren’t for LINETTE and MAMIE I wouldn’t have gone.–they were so nice to me and my family beforehand and I will never forget It.

I come in room whenever I can. I don’t like TV that much and I would rather be with you guys and the music. At first I would just watch and I was amazed at the trivia answers and how good you guys are. Then I started to meet the people and get to know them. One of the first roomies I remember was NUTTIEBUNNIE and she called me LIL DEBBIE LOL.

Itsmsdebby and Wackijackibaby at Hugyfest 2005

I got to know EDNERS, MAMIE, RVB, LINETTE and TORCH. One of the first things I remember was the hot tub party for Rich’s birthday ROTFL. I was like what is this? LOL. After that my shock value went down and everything became so much fun to me. I really remember how all the roomies stood by me—In my good times, bad times and worried times. I have never had that happen to me in my whole life. I really love it when I hear a song that somebody else is playing and I love it when everybody In the room Is singing a song at the same time. I get chills It Is so awesome. One more thing that Is special to me is the song “Don’t You Just Know It. Singing that song In the room and at HUGY’s with all the roomies was so sentimental…AWW.

And the Stroll– I love doing that dance with all the people at HUGY’s and I just love dancing with all of you.

RVB made me feel so welcome at that first HUGYFEST when he said over the Mic. “and there is MSDEB, yo DEB HOW YA DOIN”. It was so touching and I cried. I was so happy.

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