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I am a 41 year old single mom of 4 and I’m lovin life right now. I’m on cloud nine right now and things are going very good, thank the lord! I found this room one night when I had a little buzz and I was curious to see what a chatroom was really like. I remember 2 names that night MANOWAR and RACE2THEEND. I remember that because I joked that MANOWAR was a famous horse, I remember my daughter looking on and saying, Gee, Mom they are talking to you. This was In June of 2001. Since then I have been coming back and consider myself a member of the Oldies Chatroom family.

I live In Long Beach, California, where I grew up. I really love alternative rock with Janes Addiction and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers being 2 of my favorite bands.

I have only been to ROCSBBQ and have met some dear friends. REVOLVER, BADGES (SUZANNE). I know I have met friends for life with these two ladies. I know I am always at home when I’m with STEVE, and RACE and ANGIE are like cousins to me.

I thank the lord that I have found this Chatroom. I was in a not so good position at one time and when I found this room, I knew It was family. All of you have helped me gain strength and power and you don’t even know It. Thanks to all of you for being there, each and every one of the Oldies Room Regulars.. You will never know how much you have done for me just by being there when I turn the computer on. It has given me the strength to change my life and I credit that to all of you. (((((((((((roomies))))))))))))) You are all special to me.

I come in mainly in the morning when I am drinking coffee and I talk to BADGES and REV and we talk and It’s just a wonderful way to get up in the morning.

Darlene and Suzanne are two of my best friends. I always look forward to our girl’s night out and we always have a great time. TNAMARIE is such a sweetheart. It’s always a pleasure to see her and Otie, ZOOT always has a wise crack ready. RICKLAMESA , RACE and ANGIE, these roomies mean so much to me and of course Steve, ROCN60″s. He always makes me feel like family

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