<Saying “Unclllle!!”> lol. Go has my arm behind my back twisting it, so I’ll get this in before the deadline. J/k, Go. You’re great for doing this and taking the time to give us all a forum to talk about this “space” on the Internet that we share. Hugs to you my friend, and all who helped him with this project :)).

Its not that I didn’t want to do this..its that I didn’t want to leave anything out! If I even tried to list all the good times we’ve had on here and all the great people, I’d be forever, because there have been many. I’d have to go back a long time and I just knew I’d leave out an important name, or an event….due to random bouts with “crs”. So, I’ve decided not to try..that way I’m safe. I’ll try to answer a few of his questions and keep this short so I don’t burn out my spell checker, trying to correct all of my typos :). There are a lot of great memories..so many great times and laughs.


When I first came online, I found a Trivia room. I was there for quite a while..that and a Twilight Zone room, which myself and a few others had set up. From there, I found this room. I’ve been here for a long time. Through the room changing many times. From the original Music Oldies Room, to when it split to Kait’s Corral and Freakin’ Oldies, then back to Music Oldies…and as we have today, Oldies Music. I think there was another one in between all of those. That was my journey here.


I grew up on a combination of music. I pretty much like it all, including a lot of today’s music and 70’s and 80’s. I feel there is good music in every era.. you just have to dig a little deeper in some eras to find it. But my heart belongs to anything from the 50’s & 60’s, a lot of The British invasion, Motown and R & B….(you thought I was gonna say jazz, huh lol). Although jazz was and is a huge influence in my life. We loved the old crooners, big band, doo wop, blues, the standards, opera, classical and country. You name it..we played it. And who could escape the influence of rock ‘n’ roll,The Beatles, and psychedelic music, to go along with our long straight hair, raggedy jeans, black lights, peace signs and tie dyed..everything! But as I got older and my children grew up, all of the music I grew up with, naturally became,โ€ the oldies”…and that’s what we listened to. It was nice to find a room and find others with the same interests… a room where you were actually greeted! A room where we didn’t want to see the music that we loved so much and grew up with, fade away. A place where people actually had a passion for this music, and didn’t want to see it die or just be remembered or heard anew by this generation, because of a very bad cover, or a background melody to a song ..or, in a TV commercial. Although I am nowhere near being a music expert, I loved what the room had to offer, and I have learned a lot in there. It was never a room for who’s the best, although its wonderful the musical knowledge many possess. But it was more just a place to relax with people sharing your same interests … and to learn. I was hooked! .. and after all these years, I’m still here.

We’ve gone thru a lot as a group in that room. We’ve gained new friends, lost old friends. We’ve had weddings, divorces, births, deaths ๐Ÿ™ . Whatever it is, a little bit of everyday life..all thru experiences, we bring in. These are the things we go thru as people, and this is what we bring to the room. One or more of us is sick with the flu or a cold or one thing or another, just about all the time. It’s like advice from “Tips from Heloise” in there sometimes. You can get a cure or a concoction or and old wives tale remedy for just about anything that ails you. It’s wonderful :). Sometimes,when you’re feeling your worst, you drag yourself to the puter and go in, and it feels so great to hear “hope you’re feeling better” from a friend you’ve made that’s near, or on the other side of the country, and sometimes different parts of the world. It’s a nice feeling to know someone you’ve never set eyes on, takes the time to ask you how you are..and even remembers you were ill, in the first place :)).


I used to almost live in the room … many of us did. My job allows me a very flexible schedule, and I chatted at home and at work. The people and the camaraderie were addictive. I was in there every day at some point. I’m not there near as much now as I used to be. That room was a small part of our lives .. especially for those of you that have met. We all do, what we have to do, on a daily basis .. that’s a given. We have lives and families and jobs, activities. After that’s finished, we come here to see each other.. to laugh, share music, jokes, smiles, and what happened that day. We come in while our dinners are cooking, while our children are napping, while our laundry is washing. Then, we run off when it’s time to put in the fabric softener or when the timer goes off on the oven, or when the kids wake up from their nap. We chat and do what we have to do, at the same time .. with a little help from…some being longer than others. Ya, ya, I know I know lol. Sometimes our seats have been sold on eBay by the time we get back lol..but it’s all in good fun :). Sometimes we can’t get in there for days or weeks, and sometimes longer. But it’s nice when you do, and you see the people you’ve shared laughs and good times with. That’s the way I feel, anyway :).


This room and all of you have given me so many reasons to smile…and not just when I’m in the room. I still start giggling and get the shoulder shakes when I think about things that have gone on in there. I wish I could begin to list them, but its way to many. I just know, the laughs are great!..it keeps us young :). And what’s wrong with taking some time out and sitting in the comfort of your own home, and visiting someone who lives on the other side of the county, and having a good laugh or sharing some time together taking music ..or life? You people are the reason I keep AOHELL..if it weren’t for you, I’d have been loooong gone. Through the boots and the blue screens, AOL techs (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) ..and puter crashes.. the lagging, lost files, screen freeze ,snerts and bots … somehow we’ve managed to survive it all.

There are so many that have gone, and I miss them. Some have left to go with other services..some have left because of the discord in the room. But a few bad apples can’t spoil the whole bunch. Unfortunately, some have left because of it :(. The room never has worked with someone trying to control it. It’s “our” room. Its not there for anyone to dominate, or to tell anyone what should or should not be discussed, imho. Yes, its a music room, and many are opposed to anything but music chat. But …. if we sat there and answered trivia questions 24/7, without a laugh and some conversation in between, first of all, we’d run out of trivia…and how would anyone have gotten to know each other? Yes, we get off track sometimes…waaaaay, waaaay ..um..waaaaaaaay off track lol. But that’s what keeps it interesting. We’ve talked about everything from soup to nuts in there.. and that was some of our best times and laughs! We talk about…”life”. We’re people..not automated machines that answer questions. We find out just how much alike we are, and what a small world it really is when we are just chatting about…nothing really. How could we ever have had the gut wrenching laughs we’ve had, and laughing ’til you’re in tears, if we only talked music? We’ve used up more tissue (fissue) in there …we should take stock in “Puffs”. There have been times when I sign off and my cheeks hurt and my sides ache from laughing and smiling so much. The playful banter and just chatting about what’s going on in our lives ..oh, and someone’s always getting a frypan to the head, is what keeps it lively.

I love the trivia though!! I love music, and I appreciate everyone that brings it in and works our brains, and hands out the wtgs :))…kudos’ to you !!:))… don’t ever stop!! I love the trivia games! ..and sympathy points (I usually need ’em)… and even when we’re all just tossing out lyrics or titles ..or singing. You don’t dare type anything that even resembles a trivia question..because whether is was or not, if it looked like it, it’ll get a dozen answers :). I love it when all of that is going on, and the room is going so fast its hard to tell what answer goes with what question or lyric… and you know I’ll pull out the speed gun and clock the room :)).

I’ll come in if I can’t think of the name of a song, or the artist. Our room is the “Music Information Highway”. There’s usually someone there that knows the answer, and has a wav or an Mp3 to go along with it. Some know what label it was on, what year it was out, where it charted and what was on the B side of the 45 lol :). It’s great!

In between the music trivia, we chat and laugh and talk about just about everything…oh, and we {{{{{{{{{{{{ hug }}}}}}}}}}}}} :)). I love it…that’s why I’m here. But, along with music … there is life. And being a part of each others lives is what brings you close. I’ve never met any of the roomies. But so many have come together and traveled miles and miles, flown over oceans to see each other.. and even to make new lives together. How could that have happened if they knew nothing about each other? But along with the frypans, the bonks, the perks, the little innuendoes we toss around, and discussions about God knows what! .. we still manage to get in enough music to legally be able to call it a music room :).

I told Go I couldn’t stay with his format because I’d know leave out many wonderful times and many wonderful people, and I’d hate to do that. But you all know ’em, and you all know who you are. The times we’ve laughed ’til we cried..having our families looking at us like we’re crazy because we’re laughing our butts off at a puter monitor. Non-chatters just donโ€™t understand us lol. The great trivia games. The all-nighters..or getting up to have coffee together before we head off to work.The parties, holiday screen names, the singing, the pranks and the games.. and the nicknames we have for each other lol. I love those. Sometimes you’re just there to get encouragement or to give it. We’re all doin’ life out there. What a great place to go and get a hug or a word of encouragement. I care for a lot of the people I’ve met in there, even the ones I don’t see on a regular basis anymore .. I miss you all. We say this is the best room on AOL, and having visited a few, I believe it. Our room has gone through a lot in the past months..but I say, all the good that’s in there, makes up for the bad. There are not a lot of laughs in there at the moment, but hopefully, that will change. But that’s a discussion for another time. Go’s project is about great memories! Hopefully it will get back to a place we can all enjoy…and make sure it’s a place we can come to…to laugh again.

Yes, this is just the Internet … names on a screen .. words typed back and forth to each other. But … if a person is on the up ‘n’ up, and not here to play games, you get to know them, and look forward to seeing them and happy when you go in the room and they’re there! I’ve had sooo many laughs with the Oldies roomies. If a person is genuine at heart, you get to know them..and it doesn’t matter if they’re standing in front of you or hundreds of miles away typing to you. A good heart…is a good heart … period. I’ve met some good people in that room. I think you get to know people from the inside out on here.

My very best to all of you,

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