In May of 2004 I was newly divorced. Memorial Day weekend would be my first holiday spent alone in nearly 25 years. On Thursday evening I received a phone call form my sister Mamie (DANGLE 526). She was on her

Jazzy (the dog) and MOM at Hugy’s 04

way to RVB’s house to meet up with a couple of her imaginary friends..hehehe.. (TORCH and REDHED) for the annual HUGYFEST. She invited me to join them. Of course my response was “Are you crazy “? I am not driving 600 miles to spend the weekend with a bunch of freaks you met in some weird chatroom!

I had been hearing about these “so called friends” for years and as almost all non-roomies, I believed them to be a bunch of criminals or antisocial computer geeks.

I left work at 730 AM after working a 12 hour shift and started contemplating a boring 4 day holiday weekend. I had been trying to convince myself that in my “new life” I should embrace change and take some chances and try some new things so I threw some things in a bag, packed up my 8 week old puppy and started driving. I called Mamie and said “I need directions, I’m on my way”.

Ten hours later I arrived at HUGY’s (Thanks to TORCH rescuing me in downtown Reading) and what I saw was amazing! A room full of people talking, laughing and of course music blasting in the background.

The first person Mamie introduced me to was TJBEATLEFAN. I put my hand out to shake his hand and was given a big hug. His comment to me “We Hug Here “. I was shocked to say the least and now I was convinced that these people were actually crazy. I spent an incredible weekend meeting and hugging so many wonderful people and I will be forever grateful to everybody who made me feel a part of the group.

Within a week of returning home I bought my first computer and had Mamie set up my screen name and Wavman. Ok I will admit it now, after 2 years I am now an Oldies Room Junkie. LOL.

I was quite leery of jumping right in the conversation in the chatroom for quite a while. I stink at trivia and trying to follow 16 different conversations at once can be quite daunting , but the smaller group in the “LEGENDS ROOM” made me feel welcome right away. MUAHHH to all that crowd.

In the past 2 years I have had the pleasure of meeting so many roomies at 2 HUGYFEST’s, 2 of HUGY’s Halloween parties and even a TEXFEST. If I tried to list all the wonderful people I have been blessed to meet it would take at least 8 pages. Now for the important stuff. LOL. I am 45, divorced and loving it with 2 beautiful daughters, who by the way are away at college…Yay..LOL.
I am a RN in the Emergency Room of an inner city hospital in Southeastern Michigan. I have one cat Phillip and I have just given my precious puppy, Jazz, to a little girl who needed him for therapy.

As far as musical taste, I really am not a favorite of Oldies, however I was forced to listen to it as a child by my older sisters. I lean much more to Alternative and Rock music.

I want to say thanks to some very special people I have met in here. HUGY and BARB… Thank you very much for opening your home to us every year. You have made me feel so welcome every time and because of your generosity of time and spirit you have helped change my life. PENNYLANE and PAUL… Thank you for showing us Yankees how to live large in Texas..yehaw.. To Michelle (Gl1MMERTWINS) …love you G/F..enough said.
To Mamie and Rich… Thank you for giving me the gift of this chatroom and opening a new world to me.. I love you both. And last to Mark… Thank you for taking the time to do this project for all of us.

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