I found AOL one day when I stuck the disc into that little slot and never realized how much my life would change because of it. Now my houses is dusty, my kids arent sure who I am and my husband just goes to bed at 7PM. LMAO, just kiddin!

I love all music but classic rock is my favorite. I also like hard rock and some metal. I live on Long Island in New York. It’s a small little beach town and I live 2 blocks from the ocean.

I haven’t been a regular in the Oldies room for all that long. I guess it’s been about 2 years now. I have lots of favorite memories . Above all of how warm and welcoming most of the people were when I first came in the room really stands out in my mind. EDNA, DEBBIE, ZOOTIE. BEANIE, MIKE, STEVEBOP and lots other were so kind and made me feel so welcome immediately. As time went on. I met so many more wonderful people who were FUN and SILLY like me, so naturally I decided this room was perfect for me. Seems like I have spent endless hours just chatting about music and lots of other things with all the roomies. I have always loved the trivia, but the laughter we have shared in the short time that I have been a part of oldies is my favorite part. I can honestly say that there have been times that I have sat here with tears streaming down my face from laughing!! I really do SNORT when I laugh and I think everyone from the room has the WAV of me doing that LMAO.

I remember one night EDIBLE was telling MAMIE, JAZZY, myself and one or two other gals about a pair of platform slippers her husband had bought her for Christmas. Well , as so often happens, we took it and ran with it. By the end of the night, we had those slippers “mules with heels and Maribu feathers on them” and EDIBLE said she was parading around the room with nothing on but “Edible Undies” and her MULES! JAZZY, MAMIE and I laughed so hard that the next day we all Emailed each other simultaneously to say that we went to bed doing the “silent shoulder laugh” because it kept popping back into our heads . Now I know it really doesn’t sound all that funny but trust me, you hadda be there!

Unfortunately, I have a pretty busy schedule between work and family so I haven’t had the opportunity to attend any “fests”. Mr. Skyz isn’t an “onliner” and really doesn’t get into “meeting people from chatrooms” thing anyway. so I save most of my vacation time for little trips that we go on together (sounds like a barrel of chuckles dunnit ?! Pffft)

I have not met any of the roomies but I have been fortunate enough to talk to several of them on the phone. I can honestly sat that each and every one of them holds a special place in my heart. I have been online now for over 8 years and the people from “Oldies” are the most “real and normal” online buds I have met out of several chat rooms I have been a part of over that period.

In conclusion, I think we all need to keep a sense of humor and don’t take too much of the negative stuff too seriously, In fact, you cant take most of AOL seriously !
Kindness is important.

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